You Get Clicks (Solo Ads) by Larry Orsborn

You Get Clicks (Solo Ads)

Solo Ads Are The Fastest Way To Attract Swarms Of Buyers To Your Offer Or Product!

You've tried the rest, now try the best!

Are you sick and tired of solo ads and other traffic sources that don't seem to pan out?  Are you not getting the opt-in rates and sales like the big dogs?

Your search for the perfect website traffic is OVER!  Whether you are a Product Developer, Affiliate Marketer, Multi-Level Marketer, Membership Site Owner, or you are trying to build a list, We have all the clicks you need! Not only do we provide fresh hot leads every single day...  We have the expertise and know how to turn those clicks into buyers!

You see, my team and I have been in the Internet Marketing business for almost a decade.  We keep up with the latest market trends.  We split test every aspect of our own websites every day, so we know what's hot and what's not.  Even more important, we have the numbers to prove it!  

When it comes to Solo Ads...  All clicks are not created equal.  Many Solo Ad sellers are sending emails to their burnt out list day in and day out.  This means, by time you get visitors to your website or offer, they have seen ten other offers just like yours.  This is why we add fresh hot leads to our list every day.  

We also use a Top Secret Delivery Method that 99.9% of the other solo ad vendors don't even know exist.  This insures you are getting only fresh, red hot, ready to buy leads.  

What sets us apart from the others?  We go the extra mile to be sure that you are satisfied.  We help you one on one to make sure your sales funnel will convert.  We deliver the best and only the best clicks every time.  You have my word!


Larry Orsborn

What Makes Larry Orsborn's Solo Ads Among The Best?

  • Quality Buyer Traffic - While other Solo Ad Sellers offer clicks from their buyer list as a premium, We include buyer clicks with every order.

  • HIgh Opt-in Rates - How do We get people the highest opt-in rates in the industry? Simple. Larry previews your funnel and helps you optimize your lead capture page for best results. We also use a secret delivery formula and powerful email swipes that attract buyers (and opt-ins).

  • Done For You Super Swipes - For those of you who don't know Larry, he is among the top 1% of sales copywriters.  Normally he charges quite a bit to write email swipes (good isn't cheap and cheap isn't good) but for his solo ad customers, he writes profit pulling swipes for FREE.

  • Over Delivery - We don't just over deliver on the amount of clicks you receive...  We over deliver on service, quality, and speed.  We go the extra mile to make sure that YOU get the best results.

  • Over 80% Tier One Countries - Your clicks come from countries where people are more likely to spend money on your offer.

Let's Look At What Larry Orsborn's Customers Have To Say About These High Quality Solo Ads!

"Sales? Yes. Fresh and Responsive Traffic. Highly Recommended"

"Sales? YES! Clicks Came In Fast And On Time. Going On My PREFERRED Vendor List"

"Sales? YES!! Excellent Provider, Really Nice Guy and Seriously Good Traffic."

"75.6% Optin Rate... Already Placed My Next Order"

"76% Optin Rate 'WOW!' I Cannot Say Enough How Pleased I Am With Larry's Traffic. At Least A 15% Increase In My Engagements. Larry Is More Than Just A Seller!"

"Sales? Yes! Even On Followup.. Good Responsive Clicks And Communication. Will Be Back For More Soon."

"Five Sales!! 70% Optin Rate. ROCK Solid Solo."

"Larry Is An Easy To Communicate Seller. He Has Awesome Traffic. Definitely Will Buy Again."

"Fast Run And Excellent Results! Already Booked Next Slot."

"His Traffic Is Sensational... Highly Responsive... Goes The Extra Mile If You Need Any Help."

"Sales? Yes! Very Good Seller. Highly Recommended! Made 1 Sale On The Front End And I'm Sure There Is More To Come In The Funnel!"

"Wow! I Got Sales, I Got An Amazing Optin, I Will Be Back For More. Top Notch!

"Very High Engagements To Go Along With Very Impressive Stats."

"I'm More Than Satisfied!!! Recommended!!!"

"69% Amazing Optins. Traffic Is Quality And Amazing Customer Service. Sales? YES!"

"67% Optin Rate... Excellent Traffic!

"Nice And Friendly To Work With"

"There Hasn't Been A Run Yet Without Sales. TOP NOTCH SELLER!"

So, are you ready to place an order? charges a flat rate of $.50 per click... Fifty Cents... With a minimum order of 100 clicks.

I also offer a price break at 1000 clicks.

Disclaimer:  If someone is selling you traffic and they guarantee sales or opt-ins, then there is something fishy going on and I highly recommend that you steer clear of that seller.  The only thing WE guarantee is that we deliver the full amount of clicks that you have ordered AND our clicks are 100% human visitors and not bots.  

You can ORDER NOW by clicking the "BUY" button.
I recommend that you start with 100 clicks to make sure that our traffic works well with your offers.


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