Greatest Sales Copy by Larry Orsborn

Greatest Sales Copy

Larry Orsborn Is Going To Produce A HIGH CONVERTING SALES LETTER Just For YOU!

Larry Orsborn Is Going To Produce A HIGH CONVERTING SALES LETTER Just For YOU!

From the desk of Larry Orsborn
Direct Response Copywriter/Internet Marketer
Toledo, OH

Dear Fellow Money Maker,

If you are a small business owner or online marketer who is looking to get more customers and optimize profits from the customers you already have...

Or If you are selling or plan on selling your product online,

This may be the most important letter you ever read.

This Is Your Chance To Harness The Power Of The Most Effective Psychological Triggers To Attract More Clients, Convert More Visitors Into Buyers, And Generate Windfalls Of Cash Virtually Overnight!

And The Best Part: You Won't Even Have To Lift A Finger... Because I'm Going To Do Everything For You!

Here's what this is all about:

My name is Larry Orsborn. I have been an internet marketer (who successfully writes his own sales copy) since 2009. For many years, I've been producing high converting money getting sales copy in multiple niches..

Anyway, here's why this is important for you:

Recently I have begun to offer my copywriter skills to small businesses to boost their profits and gain more customers.

You see, for many business owners hiring a professional copywriter can be difficult and way out of budget. There are many copywriters that charge thousands of dollars (worth every penny if you have that kind of money to spend).

This leaves a business with two options.

They either...

Search for a cheap copywriter who fits into their budget. When it comes to writing copy, you usually get what you pay for. The lowest priced copywriters can not make sales. Think about it...copywriters who can sell, don't have to settle for crumbs.

The other option is to do it your self. But, mind you, brain surgeons do not repair their own cars. They call a mechanic.

Basically, there is nothing a hard working business owner/entrepreneur could do...

Until Now...

Here is how I discovered the secret to writing a great sales letter...and you benefit.

I have spent years studying the top experts in marketing, copywriting, and selling info products. This education would cost you tens of thousands of dollars to replicate.

I have studied the experts in modern day marketing in addition to the old masters of copy. I have read Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins, Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini, Hypnotic Writin by Dr Joe Vitale, and Almost Every Gary Halbery Newsletter. Also, I use a proven sales template, which is the foundation of every great and effective sales letter.

Recently I have hired A World Famous Copy Writing Master (Will Not Name Drop), not only to help me fine tune my copy for internet marketers, but to proof read and edit the final copy. This will assure that YOUR finished product is as profit pulling as humanly possible.

Now...Even if you don't have a $25,000 ad budget, you can still enjoy a typhoon of sales and profit.

Alright, let's say you decide to book one of the big name copywriters and get them to work for you.

Be ready for a 4 month waiting period. Sometimes longer. Hey, if you wait that long, your potential clients or customers may or may not still be there.

Since I have a vested interest in the success of your business, I will have your copy finished and ready to pull profit in less than 72 Hours.

More often than not, you need results NOW...not 4 months from now. And I am going to bust my ass to produce for you.

When you hire me, in as little as 72 hours, you can start using my marketing materials and see an immediate boost in your business!

What Makes Me Stand Out?

There are a lot of copywriters out there, and I bet you have seen a few other copywriters' websites. But there are reasons why you should consider hiring me for your next job.

One, I am not JUST a copywriter. Unlike many other copywriters I have my own info businesses that make money every day. In addition, I have written several video sales scripts, squeeze pages, webinar scripts, and high converting email sequences.

Two, I create an asset for your business. A working sales letter, whether it is a website, direct mail letter, or newspaper ad, is pretty much equivalent to money in the bank. A single sales letter is a salesman that can deliver your message to more people in a day than one man can in a year. Plus it works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and never gets tired.

Three, I have experience across all media platforms. Some copywriters are highly skilled at print or direct mail but know nothing about the internet or internet marketing. I am highly technical and have been building my own websites and marketing on the internet for years. I understand what attracts clients. My work embraces online media.

How Much is my high converting, effectively written, profit pulling sales copy going to cost?

Time Limited Opportunity

I only work with people who are serious about exploding their business and are ready to Take Action.

Click the "Buy For $97" button. This is my fully refundable consultation fee. 
If you decide to let me produce the best sales copy you have ever read, I will deduct the $97 from your final cost. 
If you decide that you would rather keep trying to write profit pulling sales copy on your own, I will gladly refund your small investment.

Larry Orsborn